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Who we are?

Who we are?

Highlander Inn is home to travelers near and far. Positioned within a protected radius of the bustling alleys of Thamel, on Kathmandu’s biggest tourist joint, it is where luxury meets the eye and rubs shoulders with authenticity.

Highlander Inn welcomes families and couples, and the greeting is warm, open and generous. Guests feel at home.

And it’s memorable. This is where life-long friendships will blossom, and where lasting impressions will be made.

Stylish, contemporary architecture complements the organic personality of the resort, which has been shaped to blend effortlessly into the indigenous landscape. This is function and form at its best. This is sustainability.                        

The facility has transformed into showcasing a more modern feel in contrast to the preceding. The inn’s sprawling structure plants itself firmly on a building that has stood the test of a century- a single storied Cinema, one of the very few to grace in the confines of capital Kathmandu.

The first floor of the Inn is over hundred years old. Ranas of Kathmandu once owned the single storied building.


A little bit of history to marvel on.

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